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Here is the list of the latest changes on the system:

Release 1.1.14776 (August 14th, 2019):

  • Resolved minor issue with date filtering on materials in approval
  • Resolved minor issues in the mobile clients and the week view

Release 1.1.14435 (July 1st, 2019):

  • Resolved minor issue when changing the user login levels
  • Preserve line breaks on jobs in the mobile client

Release 1.1.14176 (June 6th, 2019):

  • Resolved various issues when changing the user login levels

Release 1.1.13061 (January 30th, 2019):

  • Improved performance on approval and mobile clients
  • Show decimals correctly
  • Allow editing, creating and deleting jobs, users, work types and products directly on approval web site

Release 1.1.10728 (October 30th, 2017):

  • Show preview of attached photos
  • Solve problem when saving startup message

Release 1.1.10221 (September 5th, 2017):

  • Add settings to control how many days back / forward entries can be created by users
  • By default show last+current month in the approval page

Release 1.1.10033 (August 8th, 2017):

  • Show job list with in the admin web site with advanced filtering
  • Show material list in the admin web site with advanced filtering including the possibility to edit or delete materials
  • Add setting to control if mobile users can enable/disable jobs

Release 1.1.9927 (July 11th, 2017):

  • Resolved issue with approval and substitue approvers

Release 1.1.9250 (March 23rd, 2017):

  • Simple Piece Work functionality
  • Help text in approval showing original value if modified
  • Setting to enable smart items
  • Setting to control smart item number
  • Setting to allow negative quantity for materials
  • Setting to enable piece work
  • Added new 4 reports (in Danish) for the construction industry

Release 1.1.9169 (March 10th, 2017):

  • Allow negative quantities for material
  • Control max/min values and no of decimals per work type
  • Copy work types from one user to on or more other users

Release 1.1.8816 (January 27th, 2017):

  • Assign employee to jobs in the administration site
  • Show job responsible on mobile phones
  • Show 'My jobs' on mobile phones
  • Offer to add materials not found in the database

Release 1.1.8761 (January 18th, 2017):

    • Improve user experience in approval on mobile phones
    • Improve display of approved entries in the mobile client
    • Implement pull-down to refresh on the mobile client to reload data

Release 1.1.8668 (December 30th, 2016):

  • Add Job detail page, to (de)activate jobs, and edit text
  • Fix display of the menu on tablets and smaller screens

Release 1.1.8569 (December 7th, 2016):

  • Show job id on the filter dialog in approval
  • Indicate progress when applying filter in approval

Release 1.1.8544 (December 2nd, 2016):

  • Show job id on approval of material, images and reports
  • Possibility to delete lines in the mobile client
  • Improve entry of decimal numbers in the mobile client
  • Create shortcuts to materials in the mobile client
  • Solve problem with decimals in the approval page